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What a Pity (Working Title)

Self Published - Release date to be confirmed

An autobiographical comic about growing up under the historical shadow of Yorkshires Coal Mines, and the fallout their closure had on generations to come.

Unphased by the bitter year long miners strikes of 1984, Thatcher carried on her plan to destroy the mining industry in Britain, with no regards to the impact it would have on entire communities. In 1994, Grimethorpe Colliery is demolished, 50% of the village is left unemployed earning it the title of the most deprived area in the European Union. Up the road, Chloë is starting her first year in school; the fallout from the mine closure will continue to be seen throughout her school years and early life.



A Crying Shame


20 Page - Self Published - Reprint Coming Soon

A comic about learning to have a cry, and it being okay.


A short autobiographical comic that explores Chloë's personal experience with the shame felt when outwardly showing emotions, and how pushing them down for so long is probably not a great solution... but how hard work and time (and therapy), she began to open up to all the good feelings too.

Reviewed on Broken Frontier:

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A Walk to a Waterfall


20 pages - Self Published - Reprint coming soon

A Walk to a Waterfall explores the hidden battles we fight and the elation felt when the fight is won... And also, how cool waterfalls are.

Chloë is taking a solo trip to the beautiful country side in North Yorkshire, England. It's only the second trip she has ever taken alone and she has one activity planned; a walk to a waterfall. With themes of anxiety and sadness this auto-bio comic explores hidden battles, loneliness, and the elation felt when the fight is won.

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Master of Art Thesis Strips

For my MA thesis, which was titled "Sequential Therapy:  How the Autobiographical Comic Functions as a Therapeutic Tool for Creator and Reader", I created a variety of three panel comics which were informed by my research into the specialised subject.

Diary Comics


Over the years I've made many diary comics, you can see a selection of them on my Diary Comics Page.

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