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Chloë Green is a comic creator based in Manchester, UK.

Chloe Green headshot 2023.jpg

Chloë draws and writes comics. Her debuting autobiographical work were released in July 2023, 'A Crying Shame' and 'A Walk to a Waterfall', both explore themes of depression and anxiety. She draws herself a lot, mostly like this :|

Chloë is a graduate of Leeds Arts University with a Masters of Arts Degree in Illustration with Graphic Novel. She studied whilst working her full time role at Thought Bubble: The Yorkshire Comic Art Festival, where she is a Festival Director. Chloë also works freelance at Avery Hill Publishing, supporting marketing and promotion of their small press comic publishings. 

Chloë grew up in a small village outside of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, in her late teens she moved to Leeds, West Yorkshire, where she spent the next 18 years, before heading over to Manchester. She lives there with her boyfriend, and dog, Grandma Eva.

Chloë began exhibiting her comics work in 2023. She has also appeared on and hosted various comics based podcast and talks including: 'Get The Lowdown: Comics Events and Festivals', a panel as part of In The Frame Festival and 'Show me the: MONEY', hosted by Hannah Berry (Comics Laureate 2019-2021), a discussion on making money as a freelance comic creator in the UK. 


MACC-Pow! - Comic Art Festival, Macclesfield,  July 2023

SLCZF - Comic and Zine Fair, South London, July 2023



'Graphic Novels In Progress', Moderator, SLCZF 2023

'Organising Comic and Zine Fairs', Speaker, SLCZF 2023

'Get The Lowdown: Comics Events and Festivals', Speaker, In The Frame Festival 2022 

'Show me the: MONEY', Speaker, Event hosted by Hannah Berry (Comics Laureate), 2021

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